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daycare cost ?

how much do you currently pay or plan to pay for daycare ?  I am trying to get an idea of the range...

We are looking for 5 days/wk for an infant.


Re: daycare cost ?

  • Depending on where you live, you can expect to pay between $250 - $350/wk. I know it's quite a range, but prices do vary. Good luck.

  • Depending on where you live is a factor, also infants will cost more than toddlers if you go to a center. I do an in home and pay 8/hour.


  • I was quoted $2550/month and decided to SAH. It depends where you live, and the type of center.
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  • We will be using a center in the Metrowest area, 9-hours a day/5 days a week (since they don't have a 4 day option).  It will run us about $1500 a month which we thought was reasonable.  Home daycares tend to be a little cheaper then centers based on our research. 
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    I was quoted $2550/month and decided to SAH. It depends where you live, and the type of center.

    This was also the quote I received in my area...and I also decided to stay at home (especially now with another baby on the way!).

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  • Started at home daycare at $225/week (FT 5 days) and at 1 year switched to a center at the same price.
  • I just got my first quote from a center...I live in the city so it's obviously pricier here.  They quoted $476 per week....I'm now definitely going to look into family day care! 
  • I do an in-home daycare and she is $65 dollars/day so it would be $325/week. If you can find a licensed family daycare, they tend to be less expensive than daycare centers. Good luck!
  • DD goes to an in-home daycare and we pay $250 a week
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  • Where does your DD go and are they accepting more infants? If not do they have recommendations? I have been quoted $1900 and $2200 per month, and that is just way more that we can afford right now!
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