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Lying to work advice

So, I am not even 8 weeks, and I have my 3rd Doctors appt on wed. I've officially run out of excuses. For the first two, I just told my boss that I was going to the docs - I have horrible allergies so I was able to blame allergy season. Now, I'm out of excuses.

The two options I have come up with are 1. just calling in sick for the day (probably easiest, but might have to take some PTO) or 2. Say that I have to take my MIL to the docs (she is living with us temporarily so this isn't a stretch). Any votes or other recommendations? I'm such a horrible liar.

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Re: Lying to work advice

  • MIL

     If you take a sick day and you've already said two excuses about missing previous days then they will just start talking behind your back assuming that your pregnant.

  • I'm having the same problem but I've decided to just say I'm going to the doctors and if they's a personal issue I'd rather not get into at this time, but that it may result in some future follow ups. My bosses usually are good about respecting our privacy, so hopefully they do with this as well.
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  • what about "eye" doctor or dentist appointment instead of just "doc" appointment.
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  • This is why I told my boss today. I knew he would figure it out (has kids) and I was right he did have his suspisions. Its not something all of work is going to know but, just him so he knows. Also, my ms has got somewhat bad so I wanted to let him know about that too.
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  • Hmm some good points.... I just feel like such a sham because I'm such a bad liar. Our close friends know already 1. because my DH is super excited and really wanted to tell a couple people and 2. I just couldn't be bothered to go through all the fake drinking etc.

    I am agreeing that MIL probably sounds best but right now, with how crappy I'm feeling calling in sick sounds fantastic....and all of the nosy woman at work can gossip to their hearts content!

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  • I would tell your boss and say that you're not comfortable sharing the news with any of your co-workers yet.  Eventually you'll have to tell your boss and then he or she will know you were lying anyhow!  I struggled with this too, but just decided it was best to tell my boss and she kept it quiet until I was ok will sharing the news.
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  • I have run into the same thing... We have our u/s on Wednesday and I said we have appointment with our financial planner. I figured it would be a good excuse coming off of tax season. I think next time it will be the Dentist...


  • Do you feel obligated to give them an excuse? If not, just say you have an appointment that you couldn't schedule before or after your working hours. Or you could say you are going to the Dentist?

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