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Does anyone else...

...find it difficult to plan lunches nowadays?

I was a sandwich and chips girl for so long that I don't know what else to fix!  The thought of microwaved lunch meat just doesn't do it for me but now I'm stuck...what do you have for lunch?

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Re: Does anyone else...

  • I eat a lot of frozen dinners/frozen entrees. 
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  • YES! I plan something and then that day there's no way I can eat it. This week I made some buttered noodles to bring to work. So far, so good with that. Going grocery shopping is like some sort of torture right now.
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  • Yes! I'm having a really difficult time. I used to eat a lunchmeat sandwich or Lean Cuisine, now I'm not sure what to bring. I don't like warmed up deli meat either and I need more substance than a LC!


  • My lunch is decided on a day to day basis.

    And you dont really HAVE to heat up the lunch meat. I cant tell you how much cold lunch meat Ive had in the last 3 weeks~

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  • Yes!  H would make me lunch every day (always the same - chicken) but it's not appealing to me anymore.  Today I had pizza b/c the office ordered in.  I don't know what I'm going to do about tomorrow.
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  • imagechornback79:
    I eat a lot of frozen dinners/frozen entrees. 

    Be careful with frozen dinners.  Many have some type of MSG in it which should be avoided.

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  • Think college: Ez mac, PB&J, and ramen. Those are fast, easy and my staples when I'm in a bind. I know they are far from healthy, but they fill me up and don't make me ill. Good luck!
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