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Regions hospital?

Has any had any experience delivering at Regions hospital? This is the hospital I will be delivering at and just want to hear some input!

Also, does anyone know their c-section rate?

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Re: Regions hospital?

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    I delivered my baby at Regions and loved it!  My nurse during delivery was amazing!  I also had wonderful nurses during my stay.  The recovery room was a bit small and the cot for DH was squeaky and uncomfortable but we survived. 
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    We delivered there in July and loved it, the Midwife and nursing staff were awesome, and everyone was very friendly.
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    I delivered there in February.  My L & D nurses were amazing and the doctor and her residents were great.  Everything went really smooth once we upstairs too.  I agree w/ pp, the cot for DH was the only bad thing about the stay. 
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    Regions' c/s rate was 20.6% last year. 

    I delivered DD there in July of 08. I hated it. Absolutely hated it. I work there, and I will not go back for baby #2 when that time comes. My nurse in L&D was cold, uncaring, mean and flat out rude. I still believe that had I had a better nurse, I may have been able to avoid a c/s. She made me feel inadequate, and terrified my husband into thinking our child was going to die if I didn't get her out "right now". (She never once showed any signs of distress).

    Post partum was AWESOME though. The nurses up there were fantastic.   

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    Delivered there in January 09 and will again in July. LOVED IT, and wouldn't go anywhere else. I travel up from Apple Valley, even though there is a hosptal right down the road. I've had many friends and family members go to Regions for various things, and all have had great experiences.

    I went in knowing I was having a c/s (breech). I ended up going into labor early, so I had a short experience with L&D there. All of the nurses and the OB I saw in L&D were great. The surgical staff was amazing and very comforting. And, the post-partum nurses we had during our stay were all great. I would definitley recommend Regions from my experience.

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    I delivered there in september and was very happy with my experience.  I ended up with a c-section, but despite that I still had a great experience.  All the staff I met was wonderful, and their lactation consultant program is great.  Make sure you request a mobile monitor, not every room has them.
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    My hair stylist delivered there with #1 and wanted to switch for #2. However she would have had to switch OBs so she didn't. She didn't seem thrilled with Regions.
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