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XP: The new Papmers just hurt DS!!!!!

I have noticed that the new Pampers with Drymax tabs are a bit of a pain.  I put one on DS a little while ago and had to pull each tab open individually.  Not the sticky/velcro side but the tab on the front that goes below the velcro side.

When I just went to change him, I took the diaper off and he started to scream.  A bruise immediately appeared on his hip.  I looked at the diaper and the tab was sticky and white, like it had been glued down and there was still glue remaining.  The effing glue removed a layer of DS' skin!!!!!  It is red/purple like a huge bruise.  DS calmed down after several minutes but he has this huge welt! 

I called Pampers but they are closed.  I am LIVID!!!  If you guys are using the Drymax, please make sure there is no glue on the tabs before you use them.  Pampers will be hearing from me tomorrow!!!!

Re: XP: The new Papmers just hurt DS!!!!!

  • ow! Poor baby boy!
  • Pamper lost my business as soon as they went to Dry Max. DS got his first diaper rash, they smell funny and feel like sandpaper. Big fail in my book! Hope your little guy is okay! Take a picture in case Pampers makes an issue of it!
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  • I'm currently hoarding blankie soft pampers... I hope the com to their senses and go back to the previous version.

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  • We took a picture a couple of minutes after it happened and again a few hours later.  The swelling and redness are pretty much gone, now it just looks like a bad bruise.  My poor little man :(
  • OMG, please keep us updated on what Pampers says when you call them! I am so sorry.
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  • Oh no! I hope your little guy is okay. Please update us with what they say. I have heard from alot of people that the new Pampers are horrible.
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  • Hmm, I have been hearing some not-so-great things about this new Drymax.  Maybe I will not use this $3.00 off coupon after all...
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  • They have gotten really horrible reviews.

    I'm upset, because I got a free pack of Pampers with a purchase I made on  I made the purchase before Dry Max was available, but by the time it shipped they were in stores so they sent Dry Max.

    We'll probably never use them.  We're going to CD after the first month anyway, but I was trying to hoard newborn and size 1 diapers.  I'm not very happy.

  • I heard that Pampers DryMax are getting A LOT of complaints...maybe they go back to the old way. We've been using Huggies since DryMax came out.
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