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just had my shower, now what?

I just had my baby shower and now I'm home with all of this stuff!  

Any suggestions on what I should put together or clean immediately and what I should wait to do?  

A part of me wants to get everything put together, and all blankets, clothes, and bottles cleaned... but I wonder if it's better to wait on certain things; especially clothes that the baby may outgrow quickly or putting together things that he may not use for a few months after he is born.  (I still have 2 months to go until due date).

Any advice will be appreciated.  

Re: just had my shower, now what?

  • I say start your thank yous! Those are time consuming and if you dont do them now... time flys by. Once baby comes they will be the last thing on your mind! 
  • I just had my shower last weekend. Here's my plan:

    1 - Do thank you notes!  (If I don't do them right away they will never get done.)

    2 - Organize clothes by size.

    3 - Start washing some of the clothes & blankets.  Everyone told me to wash all the clothes right away because I'll never have time later but I'm hesitant to wash all of the newborn stuff because we don't know how much of it will actually be needed (she may not wear it for long/ or at all). So I'll probably wash a few newborn things just to have them ready but hold onto some others in the packaging/with tags so I can do returns if needed.

    4 - Bottles - I've been told not to take all bottles out of the box until I know which one baby will be using.  Some babies will only feed with certain bottles so I would want to return the others. OR I may find that a certain brand leaks or something and want to switch myself. So I would only clean 1 or 2 of each brand I have.  I made sure to register for sets (if they work out) but also have singles so I can try them out and still be able to return sets later if needed.

    5 - Assembling stuff.  I think we plan to assemble any furniture pieces (gliders, cribs, shelving) but may leave bouncers and things like that in the boxes for a little bit longer because they take up less floor space right now.

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  • don't wash everything b/c chances are you may have things you will never even wear etc...

    If you have a bouncy seat you'll use that pretty quickly and possibly the swing, other larger things (exersaucer, jumperoo) won't be used till the baby can keep their head up on their own (4 months +). 


  • Great tips ladies..
  • My biggest mistake with DD was opening the NB diapers and washing NB clothes - she came was in size 1 diapers at birth, and 0-3 month clothes (but even that only lasted a few weeks before she was in 3-6).

    My advice, thank-you cards. Wash a few onesies, a pair of pj's, and a blanket. The rest you can have someone do for you when you get home from the hospital. And you can exchange any sizes that don't fit for sizes that do.

    The bouncy seat you'll wait to put together, get the car seat installed at the police/fire department, and try to be as patient as possible! Have fun and good luck :-)

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