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Waiting to tell - 1st appt or 1st u/s?

Hi all -

My first appointment is scheduled for 4/26 (I'll be 5w5d).  I don't imagine they'll be doing an u/s that early but I'll call to find out for sure.

Anyway, did most of you wait until your first appointment or your first u/s to tell the news (if you waited at all)?


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Re: Waiting to tell - 1st appt or 1st u/s?

  • We're waiting until 9.5 weeks because we have a dinner scheduled with both sets of parents that weekend to celebrate DH's MBA graduation. A perfect time to share the news. I read yesterday that after 8 weeks m/c risk drops to beneath 5%, so I feel like if we make it that far and things are going well, we'll be comfortable telling our families.
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  • We are waiting until 10 weeks when we get together with family. I have an ultrasound next week at 7w where we will hopefully hear a heartbeat. We just aren't quite ready to tell yet.
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  • I have an ultrasound Tuesday, but I doubt that there will be a heartbeat yet. I will tell after I hear a heartbeat.
  • When I called and made my appt, at which time I'll be 7w6d, I was told there wouldn't be an ultrasound but we'd be able to hear the heartbeat. We'll be telling our parents after that appt and the rest of the family after the 12w ultrasound appt.
  • We have already told close family and friends :-) Everyone else will find out after my doctor appointment/ultra sound May 10 :-) Congrats!
  • We will try to wait until Memorial Day weekend. I have a family wedding on May 15th and the dress I bought is a low cut halter top - which never mattered before because of how small my chest is. ?If I'm spilling out of it, my mom will figure it out for sure. ?And I can't switch dresses because I bought it while shopping with my mom and she knows how much I love it. ?So, if we think it's going to be obvious, we will tell our families on Mother's Day weekend - which will be right after my first appt.
  • kat81kat81 member

    We will do a two-tiered telling (or possibly three-tier). We change our minds every day as to when to start the first tier. The first tier will be immediate family. We'll tell after our first appointment (May 4) where we are supposed to hear the heartbeat. OR, we will tell them much sooner...such as any day now.

    If we tell the immediate family soon, we might tell some close friends at the May 4th date as well. If we do that, we probably will wait on telling other people until a few more weeks, like Memorial Day weekend.

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  • We told our parents and siblings already. Luckily I know they will do an ultrasound at my first appointment, which is on Tuesday. I'll be about 7 1/2 weeks so if all goes well, we'll probably feel comfortable letting others in on it.
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  • B2B - I didn't know you got a BFP!!!  Congrats!

    Anyway - we are waiting to tell after our first appt.  They actually do the 1st u/s at your 1st appt.  I should be about 6w3d.

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  • We are only telling our parents and my sister now.  I'm a high risk, so I will feel more comfortable waiting to tell everyone else.  We're shooting for the first week of June.  Hopefully we can wait that long!  I think our friends already suspect because of my lack of drinking at our last few get togethers...
  • We told ILs and SIL 4 days before our ultrasound because SIL was in town. We won't see her again until June. We waited to tell my side of the family until after we heard a heartbeat. I told work Friday because they kept trying to send me home because they thought I was sick with a stomach bug AKA morning sickness.
  • We told our parents in case something happend and we needed some support.  Other than that we are waiting till our first appointment which is at 10 weeks.  No u/s will be done but I hope that by then we will be comfy telling....
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  • We told our parents and my best friends right away. Everyone else will have to wait until after the first tri.
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  • I have told my 2 BFF's b/c I had to tell SOMEONE! Waiting until Mother's Day to tell the family. I have an appt a few days before- probably no u/s.I'll be 7.5 weeks by then, and be ok telling. It's been hard not to say something yet!


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  • we told our immediate friends and family right away, everyone else, we're telling after the first u/s. i should be almost 10-11 weeks by then.
  • We always told after the 1st u/s.  Just our family.  I told work at 10.5 weeks after my 2nd OB appt where I heard the HB via doppler.  worked out pretty well.  the 2nd time around, I had to tell b/c it was getting hard to hide.  I hope I can hide it a little better this time.

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  • I'm going to see how our u/s goes at 8 1/2 weeks.  If everything looks good and the doctor says we are pretty much in the clear, we will probably start telling more people (we've already told immediate family and a few close friends).

    I have an ultrasound tech as a friend and she said that if you have an ultrasound around 7/8 wks, and that the heartbeat and everything looks good and if your BETA #s are good, then there's like a 95% chance that you will carry to term...not sure how true it is so I'm going to ask my doctor at my next appt.

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