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Fast baby #2--Made it to L&D with 4 minutes to spare!

So baby #2 came much faster than baby #1.  Walked in L&D at 4:06 am and baby was out by 4:10!  My husband nearly picked up a new profession on the way to the hospital.  Labor was only 5 hours long as opposed to 13 with baby #1.  Ended up with an unintended second natural delivery, but the good news was that it hurt a lot less than last time (although it still hurt like a mother!) and was fast.

When my contractions started, they seemed just like last time, and I worked through them at home until they reached the point when my OB told me to call--when the contractions took my "breath away."  Problem was that this time, when I reached that point, I must have been in the transitional stage of labor.  

When I got in the car, my contractions were right on top of each other.  When we finally made it to L&D, I felt I had to poop as soon as I stepped foot in my room.  I didn't realize this, but apparently this urge feels the same as the need to push the baby out.  I went to the toilet to try to poop and could feel the baby's head coming down instead.  I actually was trying to hold her in with my hand so I could poop!

Finally a nurse came and understood what was going on immediately.  Got me on the bed and in TWO more pushes, she was out!

I was really hoping for pain meds this time around because baby #1's delivery was difficult, but I can't complain.  Last time I didn't feel like I was going to make it through labor, and I didn't get that feeling this time.  So for those of you debating whether to go med-free, consider holding off until baby #2... 

Re: Fast baby #2--Made it to L&D with 4 minutes to spare!

  • wow!  i'm both afraid of and hoping for a story like that!  congrats!
  • Sounds like you were born to birth! Way to go and congrats. Hey, you for got to tell us about the baby;)
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  • Congrats!!! My baby #3 was like that! From first contraction to him in my arms was exactly 41 minutes!
    {Ava 5.16.06} {Ella 12.29.07} {Drew 2.9.10}
  • Great story!  The fact that you were trying to hold her in so you could poop cracked me up!  I hope when I have DC#2 it happens that fast.  Congratulations!
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  • Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story!

    But your post and the responses are kind of scaring me.  I was only in labor with DS for 12 hours, and made it to the hospital at 9 cm.  The hospital is 45 minutes away, and DH is terrified that we aren't going to make it with this LO.  Eek!

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