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Where do I get genitian violet?

I'm fairly certain that after avoiding thrush for over 8 months, I have it.  On a Saturday.  Awesome.

Is genitian violet the best treatment?  Where do I buy it?  That's the purple stuff I paint on my boobs and nurse, right?  Anything else I should do?  Do I need to call the ped?

DD has to use a nipple shield, so that should make it interesting.  I guess I'll just paint the stuff on my boob and on the shield??

And I assume it stains everything in sight, right?  Good times.

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Re: Where do I get genitian violet?

  • I got gentian violet at the drug store.  It did work for us and it's messy.  I would plan on not going too far, wearing old clothes and using old sheets for a few days.   

    The LC told me to put it on 3 times/day for a few days.  She said it was safe for the baby and he didn't seem to be bothered.  I did apply it after nursing sessions though to give it time to dry.  

    You need to call the Pediatrician to get information on how to treat your DD. Our DS had special meds we had to paint in his mouth to get rid of it.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  • You don't need to call the pedi if you treat your DD with gentian violet. The pedi gave us nystatin drops but we never used them for Emmy because nearly all yeast is resistant to it.

    I had walgreens special order it for me- it's cheap, like $2. A lot of stores carry it normally though. Just don't send your DH... mine went and asked the pharmacist for "the purple breastfeeding stuff" and came home with lansinoh. Hmm despite me writing it down for him 

    I stuck a q-tip in the GV and then in Emmy's mouth- she didn't mind. It coated her mouth QUICKLY- you don't need very much at all. Then she would nurse and we'd wind up with purple baby mouth and purple mama nipple ;) If you are using the shield I would just paint her mouth, have her nurse, and then paint your nipple when you are done if it isn't sufficiently purple. Oh and you might want to get a new shield or spray yours down with a vinegar/water solution every time you use it... because they can carry thrush! Good luck. 

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  • Along with the gentian violet, you should boil any nipple shields, pacifiers, and pump parts in a vinegar/water solution and you need to do it every day until the thrush is gone.  Also, you may want to consider taking a probiotic supplement each day.  It will help get rid of the thrush faster and will help prevent you getting it again in the future.  Cutting out processed sugars for the next week or so will help too, as that's what yeast lives on.


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  • Thanks for the info, ladies! Headed out to the drugstore now...
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  • That's a funny story about the Lansinoh! I just thought I'd add- that even thought GV is non-perscription, sometimes the pharmicist keeps it behind the counter and you have to ask for it.
  • My dad owns a pharmacy and keeps gentian violet in an area with other herbal supplements behind a counter.  I would add that if your LO has teeth and you use a baby toothbrush you might want to get a new toothbrush.  If you use the rubber tb, just sterilize it.  GL!
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