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Oh, the constipation.

Ugh. Anyone else have it? What would be good to take since laxatives are kind of a no-no? Prune juice? Anything out there that's more pleasant tasting? blech.
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Re: Oh, the constipation.

  • Colace is safe! It's a stool softener, so it's not as harsh as a laxative. I took it everyday while pg last time, and was still constipated!! UGH! I have probs normally, though....
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  • I'm nervous about this!  I get constipated normally but usually lots of coffee will do the trick for me.  I dont have much advice for you but I'll be watching the post.

    Hope you poop soon! Surprise

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  • Oh the constipation is right!!!  I remember having it with my first pregnancy.  Wow, it was soooo not fun.  My "safe list" from the doctor includes Colace, Senokot, Metamucil, and Citrucel. 

    Good luck & hang in there!

  • MCH77MCH77 member

    Maybe talk to your OB and ask for a change in prenatals?  My prenatal has a stool softener built in--- I haven't been constipated at all!! (but, I also eat a lot of fruit, stay hydrated throughout the day, and eat stuff with fiber in it, lol)

    Really?  I will have to check into that. 

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  • my doctor recommended miralax and it seems to be helping so far.
  • Been taking Colace too, but I still haven't been able to go in 3 days!!!  
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  • Ugh, I hear you.  This was one of the first things I noticed.  Will be shopping for prunes and oatmeal today at the co-op...
  • Oh I absolutely know how you feel! I had it with my DD so this time around I'm trying to be more proactive. Will be seeing my m/w for the first time this week so I'll talk to her about it. Drinking lots of water does seem to be helping. I'm also going to buy a stool softner as my prenatal doesn't have it included. I can't stand metamucil but now there is a pink lemonade flavour so I might have to try that ;-)
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