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  • Great post!  It made it's way over to the 12-24 mo. board. Smile
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  • great post - has now made its way to the 3rd Tri board too (as we are expecting summer babies for the most part).

    I just wanted to add: I have sensitive skin, DH does not. We love beaches and outdoor activities and go through sunscreen/sunblock like crazy just for ourselves. We've tried loads of brands and the recommended Neutrogena Sensitive Skin has become a favorite for both of us. Just seems to work SO much better than others we've tried (Coppertone, Banana Boat, Aveeno, pretty much every drug store brand) so it's great to find we can buy one product to use for everyone. It does leave a little bit of that whiteish look when you first apply it but that goes away as it absorbs into your skin - that much more motivation to apply ahead of time as you are supposed to do.

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  • Thanks ~ it made its way over to 6-12 too!
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  • Thank you for this
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  • Thanks for the info!!
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  • SFL! This is fantastic information!
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  • SFL! This is fantastic information!
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    It's awesome that this thread has helped everyone start to think about which sunblocks are best for their baby/toddler. Such an important topic.

    But in case anybody's interested in doing any further research, I found the Safe Mama website to be a great resource for more info on sunblock/screen and the chemicals in them. While I totally agree that physical blocks are the best and only option, I personally prefer physical blocks that are free of parabens (which Blue Lizard has) and chemicals like aluminum hydroxide (found in Neutrogena Pure and Free).

    Obviously we cannot control every toxin in our childrens' environments. They're in our food, our water, the air we breathe. But since sunblock IS something I have control over, I personally feel better choosing the most natural, chemical-free product possible. So I just thought I'd mention the Safe Mama website (she has a list of recommended sunblocks) in case anybody else wants to check it out. Oh, and California Baby is one of her recommendations as well.

    Happy summer!! :)

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    Thank You!    Can add to your list?    Little Twig Sunscreen is also a physical blocker (mislabelled).    It has zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and the rest of the ingredients are natural.    I think it's relatively new on the market, but I like it.

    Wanted to add another "Episencial Sunny Sunscreen" mislabeled as well.  Active ingredients are Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, other ingredients are organic and natural as well.

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  • Thank you! I was just going to post a thread about this, asking what would be best for babies! Thank you for the information!
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  • thank you for the info :)

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  • So helpful! Thank you!
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