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Do you use regular cleaning products?

Or the ones that are marketed to be more "baby safe"? And why?
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Re: Do you use regular cleaning products?

  • I pretty much only use vinegar and water.  I leery of the using chemicals around DD.
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  • the only cleaning product we use that could possibly be harmful if ingested is the toitet bowl cleaner.  and it is kept above our pantry, so inaccessible.  for me, it's just so that i don't have to worry about chemicals and, i find it really difficult to use really strong chemical cleaners.  i personally get sick to my stomach if i use chemical surface sprays and the like.  i use vinegar and water on pretty much everything.  DH hates the smell, but i do the cleaning, so i decide what we use. 

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  • We use vinegar and water with the exception of a couple of products that are non-toxic, like Murphy's Oil or Method Wood Floor Cleaner for our hardwoods and Method Tub and Tile spray for our bathrooms (because I really, really like the smell, lol.)

    I like that it's eco-friendly, I don't have to worry about DD being around when I clean, and I don't have to worry about DD and I being around chemicals and the fumes. 

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    Babies are very sensitive and I don’t think anything with chemical content is safe to use near them. For house cleaning you should try to find recipes for homemade cleaning products made with water,baking soda, olive oil,lemon or such things. These ingredients are much safer than all those chemicals found in commercial products. There are many people using the services of house cleaning companies. They should make sure of cleaning people not use any harmful chemical products for cleaning.
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  • I shop at this amazing store online that has 100% ALL NATURAL products, the cleaning products are so safe they don't even require a child safety cap! I am so in love with the! They make my home smell WONDERFUL! The best thing is I can clean with my little one around, in fact yesterday I had her helping me clean ;) I will never go back to buying those smelly bleachy, harmful chemical cleaning products again! >.<
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