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Continued crib use causes behavioral problems?

This question is for a friend of mine whose son is 2 years old and not turning 3 until November. She is getting implications from her daycare that a big reason for her son's behavioral issues is because he is still sleeping in a crib at his age. Mind you, he is a wild child...and a climber...and she is working on getting him into a toddler bed but she has never heard anything about pro-longed crib use making kids behave badly. Nor have I. I would not consider this prolonged either. I have know people keep their kids in a crib until way past 3.


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Re: Continued crib use causes behavioral problems?

  • LOL.. Ive never heard such a thing.. But you know we have a excuse for everything..

    I kept Layla is a crib until she was 3.. and well I don't believe she has any behavioral problems....

  • As a walking zombie because we moved alexis into a toddler bed last night and she woke up about a billion times, I wish I could have kept her in her crib much much longer!!

    However, I've never heard the theory about behavior.  My niece and nephew who are not very well behaved kids were in cribs until after 3 years old.  I don't think the cribs had anything to do with their bad behavior.  I definitely think that's a stretch for her daycare to imply that one thing has anything to do with the other.   

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  • I completely disagree with that! I don't think one has anything to do with the other. AND i think keeping your kid in a crib until 3 is normal, not prolonged. If a kid was 4 or 5 and still in a crib, then yes, that would be prolonged and maybe could have some weird affects on a kid.
  • That seems ridiculous to me! As long as the kid is sleeping at night, who cares if it is in a crib, a bed, or even on the floor. I know plenty of kids with behavorial problems that have been sleeping in a toddler bed for a while or even co-sleep. Also, what business is it of the daycare?
    Quinn is only a month younger than the child in question and he's only been sleeping in a toddler bed for 2 weeks. I would've kept him in it longer but he was getting too heavy for me to lift out of it in the morning, and he kept sticking his limbs through the bars at night. He has no behavorial issues at all.

  • Bunch of garbage. 
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