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What DHA supplement are you taking?

Had my first dr appt today (early b/c it was also time for my annual). He said the Target brand prenatals were fine, but said I might want to also add DHA. He told me to take 300mg. I grabbed the Target brand DHA right next to the prenatals--it was all I saw. But now that I am home I see it is only 200mg. What brand are you taking and where did you find them?

Re: What DHA supplement are you taking?

  • Expecta Lipil. Found them at Target!
  • Expeta Lipil Dha (200mg is the standard) and Target brand pnv until our OB gives us an rx.

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  • Also taking Expecta Lipil.  It doesn't have fish oil in it, it's all plant based.
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  • imagejcrawford76:
    Expecta Lipil. Found them at Target!

    I'm also taking Expecta Lipil.

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  • I have an Rx from my doc, mainly so insurance will cover the cost. I take Duet DHA which has 2 pills, one is the PNV and the other is the DHA. I think they are great as far as PNV go. I've tried at least a dozen or so brands with the samples they gave me last pg.
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  • I'm taking the CVS brand, which is also two separate pills.  I like that they're smaller.  Don't like that I started burping up the DHA pill today.  Ick!  That is precisely why I didn't take Expecta last time (they were just starting to come on the market and not recommended back then).
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  • I take Fish Oil in addition to my PNV and extra folic acid.
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