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Incomplete Circumcision

So we noticed a few days ago that some of the skin on Jasper's pee pee was growing back together. I took a pic and sent it to my pedi phone and she said we would look at it today. So today she checked it out and said it was a incomplete circumcision ( so done wrong or not completely cut ) and we *may* have to do a minor surgery to fix it when he is a year. She said its a skin bridge right now but she wants to watch it to see if it works itself out.

I totally almost started crying and I feel super guilty and bad and everything that comes with it.

Anyone have experience with this ? Tia

Re: Incomplete Circumcision

  • I should save this post for Jasper to read when he is 18 years old Wink
  • Ugh, no advice---just HUGE hugs! I hated our post circumcision experience. :(

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  • My husband had his first done in Russia and had to have it "fixed" when he moved to the US and was 6.  I think it was an "incomplete".  His mom just says that there was something extra.  He remembers a) being excited to look like his brother (more than his dad LOL) and b) sitting in a bath afterward to help heal.

    Having said that, the pediatric urologist that did L's said that sometimes part of the skin will grow back over the incision site. but that it can be rectified if caught early.  And when we brought him in for his post-circ checkup, the doc definitely pulled back some tissue harder than we had been to keep it healing in the right place.  Maybe you could take him to a specialist for a second opinion?


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  • I had a similar experience. DS is 10 now. He had his done at the hospital when he was born, and apparently they didn't quite take enough. It is kind of like a halfway circumcision. After seeing several different doctors, they have all said that he may grow out of it, but it was never anything to worry about. Keep an eye on it and just wait and see what happens. Its not an emergency, and probably only a cosmetic issue.
  • My nephew had this happen, and his parents chose not to have it re-done since it was a cosmetic issue.
  • Are they concerned for cosmetic or other reasons? I know a few adult males who had incompletes and it doesn't affect them at all, other than giving them little turtlenecks. :P


    (I am, of course, taking their word for it, since it merely came up in a circ conversation once, not a bunch of guys whipping it out for comparsion ;) )

  • Poor little guy! I hope he out grows in naturally. 
  • I read this last night then again to DH once he was home last night, we have no advice, but poor little J, I hope it can correct it self without any additional surgery.
  • Sorry to chime in so late. We are just finishing up going through something that sounds similar. Our sons looked perfect until month 4. And then looked like it kinda revealed itself partway. Our pedi prescribed some cream, we rubbed it on and pulled the skin back. TMI here - about two months ago the head popped back out. Our dx was a penile adhesion - we were told it's fairly common. Now we just put some Vaseline 1x a day to make sure he doesn't reheal. We'll probably do this for another few months just to make sure. Give mea shout if you have any questions. We talked to our dr extensively about it and all the possible follow ups.
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