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Seeing stars after vomiting, high blood pressure

I am 38 weeks today and had to take early maternity leave last week for high blood pressure. We spent the entire afternoon at the hospital because i had a headache this morning and blurred vision but ended up getting sent home after my blood pressure dropped down after I was laying down again and some blood work/fetal monitoring.

Now tonight I'm feeling nauseous and just threw up and right after I threw up i was seeing spots - almost like shooting stars - for about 15-25 seconds. I don't know if I should call my doctor now, wait til morning or wait for Thursday's appointment. I am feeling especially hesitant because I feel like I "wasted" everyone's time already once today. Any advice?

Re: Seeing stars after vomiting, high blood pressure

  • As an RN and a fellow mommy who had high blood pressure/ Pre-E, you need to CALL YOUR DOCTOR RIGHT NOW! This is a sign of Pre-E and if it can go from pre-e to actual eclampsia at any moment.

    Please, please call. Rather be safe than sorry right?

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    05/11 M/C 8 weeks
  • I see spots that squirm around whenever I stand up too fast or have been on my feet a long time. You probably just got up too fast or moved your head too fast after having it buried in the toilet.


    Edit: I don't have blood pressure issues though.

  • Yup, call the OB. I had pre-e that tuned pretty quick and I had to be induced at 36w. You're full term now so I would definitely call.
    {Ava 5.16.06} {Ella 12.29.07} {Drew 2.9.10}
  • I think you should call your doctor right now.  GL
  • Thanks everyone. We called the on-call doctor and she said she didn't think it was anything unusual or to be concerned about tonight. I appreciate the quick responses.
  • Please keep an eye on it. Pre-E is very dangerous and things can deteriorate so quickly. I'm not trying to scare you, but just please, keep an eye on it.
    {Ava 5.16.06} {Ella 12.29.07} {Drew 2.9.10}
  • I saw the same thing and called, they told me not to come in. However, I asked them if I could anyways and when I did my pre-e was AWFUL and I had to be induced early.
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