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Green Tea

I know too much caffine is a big no no during pregnancy and I'm not a big coffee drinker anymore so thats not a problem. However, I do love me some green it safe to drink in moderation?

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  • that ws the one thing I cut out of my diet when I was pregnant.  Green tea inhibits the absorption of folic acid, and since i"m high risk for clots, it was dangerous to be without the folic acid. 
  • Green tea is something I always stopped drinking after ovulation.

     ditto pp

    They did a study that found green tea blocked the amount of folic acid that is absorbed by the body.  Doctors will probably vary on this. 

    If you are going to continue drinking green tea during pregnancy, then it might be wise to not drink it at the same time you take your prenatal vitamin. 

    Of course there are plenty of women that continued to drink green tea while pregnant with no problems.

     My acupuncturist also advised that since green tea helps strengthen the immune system, it's not good to drink it after ovulation while TTC.  Your immune system is actually lowered in pregnancy to let let the baby grow.  Linking green tea to your immune system to pregnancy may be a bit far fetched.  But there you go, that's another reason why some women choose to limit how much they drink.

    As far as caffeine...most green tea is pretty modest.  It varies on the kind.

    Starbucks Tazo Chai Tea Latte, 16 oz 100 milligrams
    Arizona Green Tea, 16 oz 15 milligrams
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  • Thanks for the info ladies. I will just stay away from it
  • Wow - I never knew any of that.  I can't tell you how much green tea I had during my pregnancy.  Something to keep in mind to stay away from on the next one.  Thanks for the new info :)
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  • See, Rach is a perfect example of drinking green tea with no problems.  Lyndia is perfect!  :)

    It's more of a concern during the first trimester when the neural tube is forming.  I think it's much less of a concern during later pregnancy. 

    Many people have m/s so bad in the first trimester that they can't drink much of anything.  Maybe that's the natural way for our bodies to stay away from anything potentially harmful.

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  • I love coffee and tea, but have stayed away from both.  I also read the dangers of green tea.  But, recently, one of my pregnancy books was recommending green tea for the antioxidants.  I was really confused after that one.  I've noticed there is conflicting information for a lot of the foods/drinks that are not recommended.  So, I just figured that when there's a doubt it's best not to have it.  I have been mostly drinking water my whole pregnancy and natural fruit juices when I feel like having something different.
  • I don't think that a cup a week is going to be killer, but there are tons of tastey decaf green teas and white teas.  I am a huge tea drinker, and it has been hard for me to cut back.  I've switched mostly to black tea though, b/c I prefer green tea w/ Splenda and I don't want to be drinking any artificial sweeteners.  In my black tea (Stash makes an excellent decaf Earl Grey) I like cream and sugar. 

    Celestial Seasonings has a really good decaf white called "White Pearl" I think.  So good.

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