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Goody Bags Pt. 2 What to put in them?

Okay, so I have the boy goody bags covered. All of the boys going to the party are 3+ so they're pretty easy to fill. What do I put in the girl's bags though?? There are 4 girls and they're all 3 and under. The smallest is Abraham's age, then 14 months, and two 3yr olds. The 3 year olds I have more or less an idea of what I'm putting in them but the smallest ones, NO CLUE! So far I only have a sippy cup. You would think it would be the opposite since I have a small child. But there aren't that many things for them! 

Any ideas?

 Thanks again!:) 

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Re: Goody Bags Pt. 2 What to put in them?

  • The sippy cup is cute - maybe add a small stuffed animal and some cookies.

  • Box of animal crackers? Smile
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  • Check out the dollar section at Target.  I always find Sesame Street books there.  Also, coloring books and crayons, bubbles, animals crackers, goldfish crackers, are some other ideas.

  • Cute plastic bracelets and funky glasses?  I've seen the Seaseme Street books at Target too.
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  • How about a mini cardboard book? I have seen one of those boxes at Barnes & Noble that come with like 10 of those little books in the sale section. I'm pretty sure they have it mickey theme. You can put one book in each bag and keep the rest for A.
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  • I had a few very small kids at Nicky's last birthday party.  In their goody bags I put a bath toy and a few snacks that were age appropriate.
  • We did dollar store coloring books and crayons. but you can also do Bubbles, small toys like bouncy balls, sunglasses, stickers...
  • Bubbles, stickers, plastic jewelry, sunglasses, crayons.  party city has tons of themed favors which is what I used primarily. You're doing Mickey right?  I still have about 15 goody bags left over (I went overboard buying stuff)  you're welcome to it it's just taking up space in my guest room - email me and I'll give you more details... 

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  • I have (2) packs of Mickey thank you cards that I never are welcome to have them if you want :o)
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