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Holy Cross Hospital in Ft Lauderdale?

Anyone deliver there, or know someone who delivered there?  I'm so torn about picking a hospital.  That's what happens when there seem to be hospitals on every corner.  Too many options!  I almost wish I lived in rural Minnesota... then I'd just go to "the hospital." 

Also, how important is a level III Nicu?  I originally wanted to go to Memorial because it is next to Joe Dimaggio, but that is much farther from my home.  Plus they don't have private rooms! 


Re: Holy Cross Hospital in Ft Lauderdale?

  • are you choosing between holy cross and broward general? holy cross has a great  maternity floor but does not have a nicu/picu like broward.  i am choosing holy cross (i am due in aug) because according to my dr, it is more laid back and less deliveries so more chance of a private room. i have several friends who delivered at holy cross and all had good experiences. 


  • I used to volunteer in the newborn nursery/ L&D / and post partum's okay. Needs to be udated! My mom still works there. I'd chose Holy Cross over Broward General though. They have a level II NICU, but Dr. Shah and Bellour are awesome!!
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  • I delivered at Holy Cross and I have nothing but good things to say about my delivery. The nurses were very calming and informative. They told me what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it and they walked me through the birthing process pefectly. My daughter ended up in the NICU for a few days-my only complaint about the nicu was that they are SUPER protective of their nicu babies. When I look back now, I see it was a good thing but during the moment, I just wanted to take my new baby home. I delivered on a fairly busy delivery night but I still ended up with a room to myself for my entire stay. It was so nice to have that extra bed for DH to sleep in at night. When we get pg again, I will return to Holy Cross =)

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  • Thanks ladies!  I'm going to pick Holy Cross.
  • I don't know anything about Labor and Delivery there, but my dad had a hip replacement at Holy Cross and it was fantastic.  Definitely worth the drive from Boca.  Like I said, no L& D experience, but over all I liked the hospital and the level of care.
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