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Anyone in Elizabethtown?

Today I had my 20 week ultrasound and the tech at the Army hospital would not tell us the sex!  This ultrasound is only to measure the baby's progress and "they don;t go hunting around for the sex"


Whatever.  Now, I have to wait 4 more weeks (!!!) before we get to find out the sex of our baby.


Does anyone know of anywhere around here that offers ultrasounds at a reasonable price??


I would really appreciate any info as I am SUPER BUMMED  :(  :(



Re: Anyone in Elizabethtown?

  • Are you military? I'm on Fort.Knox and thats exactly why I did NOT go to Ireland hospital or even choose to use an Army OB. They are completely lazy.. how hard is it to look for the sex? It takes maybe five minuets. I choose to use Dr.Nethers..he is off of woodland rd behind Hardin Hospital and is fantastic. I'm new to the area so I don't know where they will give reasonable priced ultrasounds but if it were me I would tell those Army docs to f off and switch to Nethers!
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  • My husband is in the Army and I got knocked up about two months after moving down here!!  We did not waste anytime...LOL...

    So, I really had no clue about any doctors and thought that I had to go the the hospital on post.  Everyone else on the OB ward has been pretty good but the u/s tech was a major BIATCH!  It seriously would have taken her like 5 minutes to find the sex.

    Oh well, we do find out the sex MAY 11th!!

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  • I'm in Radcliff...and unfortunately I don't have anything kind to say about IACH.  My friend had labs drawn in a janitor's closet nothing they do surprises me anymore.  You may want to look into doing and ICE comment though.  There's no good reason why the tech shouldn't have told you the sex today.
  • im in the etown area. i live out by sonora. i will find out the sex of my baby on july 22. this is my 3rd child and im 26 years old. my sister in law is in the army and they wouldnt tell her the sex of the baby until she had the exact appointment, i think it has to do with the armys regulations. do you have to stick with army doctors or can you choose a dr outide of the army? i go to dr morman there in etown. he is an awesome dr. would love to chat about pregnancy cuz im 18 weeks and not showin really at all.
  • Ugh, I'm sorry y'all are having crappy experiences at IACH - I had good experiences while I was an Army brat.

    Anyhow, I don't know about the local docs, but I go to Associates in OB/GYN in Louisville - they are fantastic. I delivered at Norton Suburban in St. Matthews.

    I refuse to go to Hardin Memorial. REFUSE. Worse that IACH. 

  • IACH has lost so many babies it's ridiculous.  I would rather give birth in my car than deal with those people.  On the tech. front...there are 2 different U/S techs in the ob clinic.  One will tell you the sex, and the other won't.  I was told there have been many complaints on the tech that will not give the sex of the baby but not enough to get rid of her.  My only suggestion is to do a negative ICE comment because those go straight to Sergeant Major's desk and are taken seriously.
  • I'm new to "E-town" as well and I am not sure about cheap but there is this place call "Clarity Solutions for Women" in Elizabethtown right by Hardin Memorial Hospital.  It is a crisis pregnancy center but they may do them there or know of a cheap place to refer you too.  

    116 E. Memorial Drive-Elizabethtown, KY  42701

    or please call: (270) 234-1122

    Good Luck!!!


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