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Up North with Toddler?

DH and I went to Madden's in Brainerd before we had DC1 and now we want to go back "up nort" but don't know where to go where DC1 can really enjoy herself. Anyone have any recommendations? 
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Re: Up North with Toddler?

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    Any place with a water park.  DH and I looked into Arrowwood for Spring Break this year for our family (1 yr old and almost 3 yr old), and it would have been a BLAST.

    My ILs own a cabin in Park Rapids and we spend a lot of time up there.  Just playing outside, on the beach of the lake, boat rides, swimming in the pool.  There are LOTS of places to go and things to do that are fun for a toddler.

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    If you enjoy camping Libby dam on big sandy lake in mcgregor is awesome, I go all the time Im local :) there is a swimming beach 2 or 3 playgrounds volleyball and raquetball for adults geese and ducks for the little ones to watch we go whenever its nice out so Im a little biased :)
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    There are quite a few water parks in the Brainerd/Baxter Area.  I'd say come check it out!  You can always go boating or to a beach later in the summer, too  :)
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