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UCSD and West Coast OB/GYN

hello fellow San Diegans :)  

I was wondering if anyone has been to UCSD dept of reproductive medicine for OB care?

I was referred to Dr. Jamie Resnik and have my first appointment in a couple of weeks.  I also hear great things about West Coast OBGYN and Mary Birch.  I'd love to hear your experiences if you'd like to share. thank you!  

Re: UCSD and West Coast OB/GYN

  • I saw an OBGYN at West Coast OBGYN and was happy there.  I ended up needing an RE, though, and saw Dr. Morales as FSMG, right by Mary Birch and West Coast OBGYN.  Loved her.  I delivered the girls at Mary Birch and was thrilled, with both the hospital and my amazing Perinatologist, Dr. Daneshmand.  Love, love, love him.

    After 2 rounds of IVF & 2 rounds of FET, we were blessed with identical twin girls!

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  • I'm currently going to West Coast.  I have mixed feeling about the practice.  On one side it's good to get to meet all the doctors because in a single doctor practice there's a big chance he or she won't be the one to deliver you.  The problem with multiple doctors is that you don't get to know them all well.  You will see one of their 2 NP on a regular basis so that is where you will make a relationship...yet she won't deliver you.  Of the doctors I really like Dr. French and Dr. Saffor.  I only met Dr. Goodwin for a few minutes at my first apointment so I really don't have an opinion.  Dr Bales was NOT good.  And the last Dr. is leaving the practice.  Good luck with whatever you decide!
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  • Dr. Saffer is who I saw as well.


    After 2 rounds of IVF & 2 rounds of FET, we were blessed with identical twin girls!

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  • thank you both SO much!  I have an appointment with UCSD and West so I will let you know how it goes! I appreciate the help :)
  • I delivered through UCSD. I loved every Dr I saw at UCSD (especially Dr. Ramos). I was seen by high risk Drs though because of blood pressure issues. Delivering at the hospital was ok. Not sure if it was the staff or just my bad luck, My epidural didn't work. When the intern broke my water they hit my babies head and he had a big gash in his head. I didn't really feel like the stay there was a wonderful experience which I had hoped for. 
  • I go to West Coast. I was referred by two of my friends that actually had their babies with them.  All of us had the same feelings as you guys do about not getting to really know the docs.  However, I have a friend that goes to UCSD and she recently had a baby. She only had one OB the entire time that she loved.  He just happened to be in Hawaii when she went into labor. Her whole time through delivery and hospital stay she was cared for by some doc she'd never seen, and then since UCSD is a "teaching" hospital, she was eventually turned over to an intern.  Mary Birch doesn't allow students in the room with you.  My friends who had babies with West Coast/Mary Birch said that you don't know who is on duty when you go into labor, but at least you will see a familiar face, which is much more comforting to me.  Good Luck. Hope everyone is feeling well.  :)  <3
  • I had students in the operating room during my c/s at Mary Birch, and in my postpartum room.  But they didn't bother me at all!

    After 2 rounds of IVF & 2 rounds of FET, we were blessed with identical twin girls!

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  • Really??? I was told that students were not allowed in the delivery rooms at MB!  Hmmmm....well either way, I'm going to request that they not be. I am going to have enough people in and out looking at my "private area". I don't need an audience. haha
  • I had an appointment at UCSD last week and though some people were nice, the NP that I saw did not have a great bed side manner.  She was actually quite harsh and seemed bothered by my questions.  I was sick over the weekend and had a question about tylenol/fever and simply wanted to speak with a nurse.  I called the "after hours" number that UCSD gave me, which turned out to be Hillcrest labor and delivery, and was told "sorry we don't give medical advice over the phone" I just wanted to know if you could take 2 tylenol...and how often!

    I hung up and called Mary Birch and was immediately connected to a nurse and was given all the info I needed, and a basic comfort!  My appointment with West Coast is today.  I'm pretty confident I will connect more there and w/Mary Birch!  I'll keep you ladies posted! :) thanks again for the input! 

  • I go to UCSD for care and I am part of the midwife program there! You might want to check it out. You get all your care through the midwives and have the option to deliver intervention-free in the birthing center they have there. Even if you are in labor & delivery, the midwives will still work with you. Jennifer Hersch is a great midwife, if your interested. :)
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