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Whats on your before baby final grocery list?

I'm trying to think of things to stock up on before the baby gets here so that I won't have to worry about running out of anything other than milk maybe.   I was going to freeze meals, but I just can't get into it so I'm thinking of easy things to cook and have on hand.   I've got the basics:

milk, cereal, peanut butter/jelly, hamburger meat, chicken breasts, fish, brats, noodles, spagetti sauce, cream soups for recipes, frozen veggies, pizza, taco seasoning, and of course toilet paper/paper towels.

Anything else?


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Re: Whats on your before baby final grocery list?

  • That seems like all the basics!  Do you live far from the store?  DH had to go and get diapers often so he was always bringing home groceries for me as well.
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  • Most of the meal foods I stocked up on before I had DS ended up not sounding too good after I had him.  I still have a roast in the freezer, some pasta meals, and other stuff and he's 2.5 months now.  I'd stock up more of the basic stuff you can grab quickly, granola bars, yogurt, string cheese, crackers, chips, fruit strips, etc.
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  • String cheese, apples, pears, fresh veggies DH can cut up.  While breastfeeding you get ravenous...my DH would bring me an apple and some string cheese while I was BF to tide me over.  And LOTS of water...you will be so thirsty! :)
  • We just stocked up on household things so we don't have to buy them for a while and we don't run out while I'm on maternity leave. I picked up toilet paper, paper plates, laundry detergent, extra bags of dog food, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, bar soap, shampoo/conditioner, stuff like that. I am not doing any freezer meals, just getting easy stuff to make because DH and I can still take turns cooking or just eating easy meals.
  • Hah, I keep trying to "before baby gets here" grocery shop just so I'd be prepared for whenever she came, but each week or so I end up having to go back. Sad


    I'd say you have the basics covered though. 

  • If you're planning on BFing then get some oatmeal, I heard its great for getting your milk supply up.
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  • If you're planning to breastfeed, I'm told that it's good to stock up on foods that you can eat with one hand, like granola bars. 
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  • We won't be "stocking up".  I fail to see the point.
  • They will deliver groceries here for a nominal fee.  You do all of the shopping online.  If we REALLY can't get to the store, then I will do this. 
  • For us it will be

    tucks pads

    snacks (granola bars and cereal)


    and quick meal things DH can cook for DD

  • luna bars...these are awesome for when the baby wakes you at 6 a.m. and you need some protein to be able to feed them! i kept them on my nightstand and would refuel as necessary. :)
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  • We'll stock up on some things.  I'm not doing freezer meals, just easy dinners like what you posted.  DH will also be home with me for the first 3 weeks and for lunches we'll do easy things like sandwiches, so I'll have bread, deli meats and cheeses, lettuce, tomato in the fridge.  I'll also boil eggs because I eat hard boiled eggs in the morning, easy protein fix and maybe some eggos for DH.
  • I don't know what this says about me, but the only I've thought about and done is to stockpile dog food Embarrassed

    My husband is pretty good at ordering pizza, so I assume we won't starve. But the last thing I want is to send my husband to the store to get the right brand of dog food and have him come back with the wrong type and end up with a upset tummy doggie. 

  • Right before I had DS, I got the basics you have listed and made a few freezer meals (lasagna, enchiladas, sloppy joe filling, chicken pot pie filling).

    Some things you might want to add: shredded cheese (can store in the freezer too), sliced cheese and bread (throw an extra loaf in the freezer) for grilled cheese sandwiches, premade pie crusts and eggs for a quick dinner quiche and a few of your favorite quick-to-prepare side dishes (we combined these with a grocery store rotisserie chicken).


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