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S/O BLW and Whole Wheat

If the idea is to offer table food how do you deal with spices, seasonings and hidden items like honey?  Since LO's are not supposed to have honey until 2 years even cooked into food do you read the ingredients carefully on anything you buy such as bread and pasta?


Re: S/O BLW and Whole Wheat

  • We just don't offer anything that has a forbidden ingredient. But I don't do a lot of honey or peanuts anyway.

    As far as spices go, we cooked a no spice portion of veggies for Ari for dinner until recently, & only because we eat some seriously spicy stuff. Turns out Ari actually digs spice though, so now we just give him full spice foods. He had curry tonight & made "mmmmm" sounds the whole time.

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    My pedi said cooked honey is absolutely fine because the cooking/processing kills the botulism spores...?

    That is what I thought too and maybe it is true.  The nurtritionist in our pedi office told us no honey even if it was cooked.

    I never questioned to google!

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  • We read every label because of allergies/sensitivities.  We were dealing with food sensitivities while EBF and now solids are a whole new nightmare. 

    As for honey; I'm fine with it cooked and in bread. For spices; I give things a rinse just to reduce it but she likes the different tastes.  For some meals I just keep a little separate for her with out the sauce, ie spaghetti.  Sometimes I just mimic our meal.  Tonight we had pesto on pasta, Becca had pasta with green bean puree.  Looked the same to her but no nuts or dairy.

    ETA we do feed her some whole wheat products but I try to limit them.  I can't decide if wheat aggravates her "allergicness" or not but she really likes to steal my toast.

  • Ditto others - cooked honey is okay, it's regular honey which is not.  We never hesitated if it was in recipes, bread, etc.

    As for spices - she LOVES things spicy and seasoned.  Curry is one of her favorite things and has been for months.  She loves Chinese food, even things spicy like Schezuan string beans.  She adores pesto and has for months (we didn't worry about pine nuts, just peanuts).

    We found that DD had reaction to tomatoes (rash) so we stopped until 1 year.  She no longer has that problem.  DH was allergic to eggs as a baby so we held off until 1 year in giving her actual eggs or eggy items like French toast.  Tried at 1 year, she got a rash so we are holding off until 2 years.  We haven't yet done peanut butter, but she loves the heck out of almond butter on ww toast.

  • I never really worried about it.  We did plain stuff the first month or so but after that, just gave him what we are having.  We haven't had any sensitivities though.

    Kiddo can handle spicier food than I can ;-)

  • We had been avoiding spices or washing food off, until just recently, when DD was turning her nose up at something, I gave her the spicy version.  She loved it.  I think she's got a taste for spices.

    I remember hearing that the taste of what the mother eats is passed through breastmilk. I LOOOOOOOVE spicy foods, so she may already be conditioned to like them.  We are just starting to experiment with spices and I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

    If I'm cooking, I replace honey with maple syrup because I wasn't sure what to do.  If it was cooked in bread, I wouldn't worry about it.  I'm also avoiding tomatoes for a bit longer.   

  • Aside from what is forbidden we pretty much give DS everything that we eat.

    Where does it say you can't feed kids food made w/ spices?  I never understood this.  DH didn't want to feed DS anything w/ spices either. 

    I only thing we really stay away from is salt.  Everything else, he gets exactly what we eat.

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