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PSA - Ebay Rules!

So I just found/bid on a lot of 3 pairs of maternity pants - all petite! I won them for a total of $8.00 including shipping. They are all new with tags...I'm so psyched!

Just a heads up ladies- Ebay is the place to look for maternity clothes- they have TONS!

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Re: PSA - Ebay Rules!

  • Thanks for sharing!

    ::headed to ebay now::

  • No problem! Happy shopping! :)
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  • Thrift stores are also an awesome place to find good maternity clothes. I went to one today and got 4 pairs of shorts, 2 cami tops, 2 summer strappy shirts,1 t-shirt and 1 swim suit for $56.00.  Score!


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  • Thats awesome! I have gone to a store called "Gently Loved Baby" which has maternity clothes and the deals are great. I have picked up a few things there so far. I just find it very hard to get petite pants! I was so psyched about the selection that Ebay had!
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