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Gender @ NT Scan?

Posted this on PgAL, too. For those of you who've already had an NT Scan, did they guess the gender of the baby?  If they did and they're far enough along, were they right?  I'm considering telling them not to try and guess b/c I'm scared we'll get excited about it being a boy/girl and then it will change at my "Big" u/s. 

Re: Gender @ NT Scan?

  • nope, it is almost impossible to tell the gender at NT scan.    I would wait to the big u/s so you just know for sure and not a guess.
  • For what it's worth,  I was told boy at 12 weeks 1 day, and today it was confirmed boy!
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  • they told us that they wouldn't even make an attempt to guess because it was way too early to tell.

  • Is this some new sort of trend or have u/s machines improved since I had my DD? People were mocked my first time around for saying they got a gender prediction so early. I am not being snarky, I am being serious. I see this at least once a day. And recently saw a bunch of 2nd trinesters saying they got a wrong prediction the other day.

    I'd be too worried to get one that early. I get u/s every 4 weeks and I'll most likely have an amnio so all in due time for us.

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  • 13w1d NT scan said boy with 90% certainty. I had a girl.
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    I see a high risk specialist that has amazing u/s machines.  She guess girl at 12 weeks, 14 weeks, and confirmed girl at 16 weeks.

    Even though she was right, I would never (and did not) trust a guess prior to 16 weeks. 


  • We had our NT scan at 11w4d.  The technician guessed girl, the doctor then came in and VERY confidently said "it's a boy".  I asked him how sure he was and he claimed to have a 93% accuracy with his guesses.

    At our big u/s at 19 weeks, LO is most definitely a girl (which has been confirmed at the next 4 ultrasounds that I had, too) 

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