1st Trimester

Anyone crampy?

I am almost 12 weeks, and achy/crampy. it is constant, so it is not like a contraction, but my lower back, and in to my thighs are killing me.

I never really had RLP with the first two, so that could be what this is. I am also taking p4 injections, and the pain from my low back to my legs could be from that I guess. 

anyone else?

Re: Anyone crampy?

  • kg_08kg_08 member
    My RLP has never been in my back and thighs so I'm not sure. It's a common pain in the 2nd tri, but right now I'd just keep an eye on it. Tylenol is safe to take.
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  • Yes my legs especially my thighs are so crampy mostly at night when i want to sleep i can barley roll over sometimes because it hurts so much milk helps i find :)
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  • I heard banana's help with cramping. Maybe something to consider???
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