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50% effaced, 2 cm dilated

I cried a happy and nervous cry on the way home from today's appointment knowing that my babies are really on their way now.  My doctor seems to think I can make it into next week and even scheduled my c/s for April 24 (the date we picked last week didn't pan out).  I'm planning to rest like crazy and try to get one more week!  Do you think that's likely?

Re: 50% effaced, 2 cm dilated

  • you can walk around effaced and dilated for weeks... but with twins your chances are that you'll go sooner, since the avg twin birth goes to 35-36w.

    i was a fingertip dilated and 80% effaced for 6 weeks with my singleton - then was induced - so might have gone longer.

    good luck!

  • I've been about 3 cm dilated for about 4 weeks now (I went into PTL at 31w3d).  So it's definitely possible to make it farther.  I was on hospital bed rest and now strict bed rest at home though so I know that helped me to get farther along.  If you take it easy, I think there's a good chance you can make it at least another week or more - good luck!

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  • I was 2 cm dilated at 36 weeks and 4.5 cm dilated at my induction at 38 weeks so its possible to walk around dilated and effaced for awhile.

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  • I know I could stay at this point for a while, but it helps to hear that some of you actually have.  Thanks!  I'm sort of considering myself on bedrest to prolong this as much as I can even though the doctor just said to get lots of rest and take it easy.
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