1st Trimester

I finally did it

I am in maternity pants today. And while they ARE more comfortable I still am in denial about showing so early - even if it is bloat
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Re: I finally did it

  • lucky you! i want to put them on just so i can always be comfy! i hate my reg work pants. hehe
  • I am rocking the maternity jeans right now. I actually went out and bought some new ones. My maternity stuff is in the crawl space in a Tupperware. DH is tasked with retrieving it and making sure there are no bugs mixed in before I see what I have!
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  • all my maternity clothes will still be too big for me since I was heavier before I had DS than I am now, or I would definitely be wearing them already and I'm only 4wks. The bloat this time around is ridiculous already, lord help me in a few weeks!
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  • Oh my goodness! I seriously thought I was going crazy at how incredably tight my jeans are! Finally bought a pair of maternity pants...HEAVEN!! Who knew- alittle over 6 weeks pregnant and maternity pants are already the answer! Embarrassed
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