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Anyone switch OBs to get different hospital?

With the news of my girls hearts, my DH and I think we should deliver at the hospital with the NICU just in case (it's a level 2, and any infants needing a NICU within a 100 mile radius are taken there).  Right now, my OB (which I love and has been great!) isn't contracted to deliever there.  He's contracted to deliver at another hospital that we just found out has a rampant staph infection going on (they're trying to keep it hush-hush, but we found out through a doctor friend that works there).  So, 2 big reasons we would want that hospital, but that means I need to change OBs.  Have any of you changed OBs so far along (I'm 26 weeks)?  I'm torn--I love my OB and don't want to switch, but I really want to deliver at this hospital.

Re: Anyone switch OBs to get different hospital?

  • I would absolutely change to a doctor that delivers at the best hospital around.  I found a Peri that delivered out of the best hospital with a level 3 NICU even though it was an hour drive from my house.

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  • Absolutely.

    When we found out it was twins we made the decision to go from my regular ob/gyn (I was still at the RE at this point) who was 5 minutes from my house along with the hospital she is contracted at (also 5 minutes) in favor of a completely different practice and hospital 45 minutes away. 

    I love my original but the hospital she delivers at has NO NICU. If you go in there with twins and there is any twinge of a problem, they send you to the 45 minute away hospital anyway. We figured, why run the risk? Our new hospital is further away and in a completely different state but we trust it 100%. They are in the top 5% in the country for NICUs. They specialize as a birthing hospital, it was a no-brainer for us.

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  • I say switch. My friend changed OBs at about 36 weeks, so to answer your question, it's not unheard of to change docs later(ish) in pg. Not that the Dr. is even entitled to an explanation, but I'm sure your OB should understand. You need to deliver at a hosp. with a good NICU and don't even get me started on the staph stuff.

  • I switched doctors (and hospitals) at 23 weeks. I highly recommend you switch to a hospital with a higher-level NICU.
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  • i would definitely change.  in fact your peri might suggest it... have you asked? 

    we were changed at 28wks to a hosp with level 3 nicu, b/c they were afraid i would deliver.  got an ambulance ride down the street from one hosp to the other by 2 very cute EMTs.  unfortunately i hadn't showered in 5 days. 

    i was really attached to my ob/gyn and had been with her for years.  but having the girls delivered by a very good peri was great.  the whole delivery staff at this hosp was great.

    btw, doctors can ask for temporary privileges at other hosps, but i think they're mostly too busy to accomodate patients moving around.  and hey, if they won't move for you, no reason you should feel so "loyal" to them.  you can go back to your original OB for your 6wk post partum visit if you'd like.

    staff at hosps with good nicus know what they are doing.  it would be better to get switched over soon rather than have to deliver at your current hosp and have babies taken there after birth... while you'd be stuck in the first hosp.

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  • cadencaden member

    I switched to get the hospital with the best NICU, but I'm not as far along as you. As much as I loved my OB, I needed the peace of mind of the higher level NICU.

    Do you have a Peri/MFM that delivers at the other hospital? Maybe that's an option instead of switching OBs?

  • I did, though it was before we got pg (we were TTC).  I had gotten annoyed at my doctor, and knew I didn't want to use the hospital she was affiliated with, so it just gave me the final push to change.  I am SO glad I did.  I LOVED my new doctor, and can't imagine going through the process with my old one.
  • I have an appointment with my OB in 2 weeks, so I'll talk to him then--unless do you recommend that I leave a message with his office before my next appointment?

    The good news is that my OB used to work in the practice with my Peri, so I don't think he'll be offended.  My Peri said that it's possible to just transfer my care to him and find an OB that will deliver at the hospital we want.

  • For twins I would want a hospital with a NICU.
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  • I would switch.  Generally I would not switch, I love my OB and I'm going to be seeing him a heck of a lot more than I'll be in the hospital, but with the 2 reasons you listed I would definitely change.  I'm sure your OB will understand and could recommend someone that delivers there.
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