1st Trimester

Pregnancy makes me a basketcase

I had Subway for lunch.  Didn't even think about the meat thing.  Argh!

Re: Pregnancy makes me a basketcase

  • lunchmeat is not a big deal. Please relax.

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  • Don't stress. Next time, just get it toasted.
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  • imageCelticWife:
    lunchmeat is not a big deal. Please relax.

    Well, I always thought it was one of those "no big deal" things but of course, it's easy to second-guess yourself.

    Thanks ladies!

  • I'm guilty too. I went to Red Robin for lunch and ordered the Apple Harvest Chicken Salad. I was halfway through the salad before I realized it had blue cheese on it. Ooops!
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  • I had a foot long sub from publix full of lunch meat yesterday.

    Youre fine!

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  • I eat subway often! I wouldn't worry too much about it. Like a PP said, get it toasted and problem solved :)
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