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Fave Home Wrkout DVDs?

So, I loved being able to go to the gym after DH gets home from work a few days/wk, but he has a new boss who's a total work-a-holic (ironically, she is a triplet MoM!) and so by the time he gets home, it's closing time @the gym

I've never done home workout DVDs but thought I'd ask other MoMs if they find the time/discipline to do any and which ones they like the most??

I figure I'll give it a shot. 


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Re: Fave Home Wrkout DVDs?

  • The 30 Day Shred is an ass kicker.

    But the one I like the most is a VHS tape of Rachel Hunter from like 1980.  HA!  But I swear, that thing gets you into shape in no time!

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  • 30 Day Shred is good- only 20 minutes and it goes through abs, cardio, and strength so you hit all important areas.


    another 1 I do sometimes is actually on my Wii- it's the EA active.  It makes it a little more interesting but really isn't intense. 

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  • 30 Day Shred, NY Body Plan, Physique 57. 
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