FPs - anyone ever have bios visitation revoked?

since placement, mom had visitation every week (court ordered).  She did not see Lil J for almost 4 months after placement.

Then she would miss lots of visits each month, with lame excuses.

Then, she did things during visits, or on visit day that made the caseworkers ask the court to change the visits to every other week.  This change took months to go into effect.

Now, she is still missing visits, which means that she is only seeing him (maybe) once a month.

The case was recently moved to adoption, and a new caseworker.  Well, I just spoke to her, and she told me that she is going to check with a supervisior about revoking her visitation - mainly because she is not making a real effort, and her history.  they think it might do more harm than good.

We never tell Lil J about a visit until we get confirmation that they are at the office - so it is not like he knows about a cancelled visit.  He is young, and has no concept of time.

So - anyone ever get visitation revoked or suspended?

Re: FPs - anyone ever have bios visitation revoked?

  • We were very close to getting our birthfamily visits revoked.  I did tons of research and determined if the visits were not causing harm to my baby, it would be in our best interest to continue visits.  I told the SW's that I was up to continue them and explained why.  They were supportive of my decision.  Biofamily missed visits and odd behavior was documented at each visit and it really pushed our adoption along much faster than originally planned.  The judge didn't have much of a tolerance for the birthfamily getting so many visits and missing a good percentage and also was disturbed by the behavior that was documented.
  • i know that in Jaxon's case, after 3 missed visits with no call, they discontinued visits
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  • We did.

    Two of the three parents in our case missed three consecutive visits. Here that means an automatic suspension until you meet with the SW. They never bothered to have the meeting so visits were never reinstated.

    With the third parent our SW is aksing that the judge order no contact because our oldest is having such a difficult time with visits, it's an extreme case. They usually do not make that request I am told.

  • Just had this happen on Monday when I met with the case worker- bio mom has been a no show for 4 weeks- case worker said she's done- she is totally gone- no one can find her.

    They are moving our case to adoption- bio mom is MIA and bio dad wants us to adopt her.

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