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ASD Mom's.....

That video series Auntie posted yesterday is phenomenal. I know this is just a repost of the same thing, but I feel much better equipped to get some answers and start taking a real good crack at some 'unapproachable' behaviors now. 

I watched Behavioral Treatments, Dr. Michael Powers last night.  But there are quite a few other videos on various subjects related over to the left of that screen.

The speaker was VERY good at asking questions to facilitate real understanding and also when he was having a hard time relaying what he was meaning, he would give excellent examples we can all relate to.

 You could tell me 10x I need to get a Functional Behavior Assessment for my son and I wouldn't really know why or where to start. But after watching this video I almost feel like I could just go and do one myself (almost).  I've already emailed the Psychologist.


Re: ASD Mom's.....

  • I have it bookmarked to watch.  Glad to hear it is worthwhile!
    Zachary, 8.31.2007 * * * Adam, 3.24.2010<BR>

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