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Today's Boy Name Choices....Need Input

If #2 is a boy I'm going to need something that complements our son's name (Luke - not Lucas). Our last name is Walen (pronounced Wail-lyn). 

- Brent vs Trent  - which is stronger sounding?

- Bryce

- Brett

- Kelly (nn Kell)  which I happen to love for a boy but it may not be everyone's cup of tea


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Re: Today's Boy Name Choices....Need Input

  • I like Brent better but I think that Trent is stronger sounding. 
    I like both Bryce and Brett. Not a fan of Kelly. 
    Out of the 5 names you listed I like Brent the best. 
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  • I have a cousin Kelly that is a boy.  It totally suits him. 

    I really like all of the other names you listed.  I think Brent is stronger sounding than Trent.  I think Brett Walen and Kelly Walen are my favs though.

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  • I like Trent as opposed to Brent, but my favorite from your list is Brett.  If my hubby's bff wasn't named that, I would want it for my own son!

  • I prefer Trent over Brent

    Bryce I am not a fan of

    Brett - no

    Kelly is okay for a boy, but I grew up with a boy name Kelly and he hated it because 3 girls in school were name Kelly - he was teased a lot because of it

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  • Brent would be my choice for a strong name.
  • Of those, my favorite is Brett.

    Brent is stronger than Trent, IMO.

    Bryce is NMS.

    Kelly is okay, but if you're going to call him Kell, I don't think that goes very well with Luke.


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  • I vote for Brent, but I'm biased b/c this is DHs name. :)
  • I like Brett the best. Trent better than Brent (both sound strong). I think Kelly could work if you have a Irish sounding last name.
  • I like Trent the best of all the names you listed!
  • Bryce is my favorite from your list. I really like it! All of the others are nms.

    I think Brent sounds stronger than Trent.

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  • Out of all your choices, I like Brett the best.
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  • I like Brent or Brett. Not a fan of Trent. It's confusing to me that you'd put Kelly on your list when you asked if Brent or Trent is stronger sounding. Kelly doesn't have a strong masculine sound to me. Maybe it could be a good MN. Brent Kelly sounds nice.
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  • I like Brent and Bryce.  My name is Kelly; my great grandmother didn't like it because she said it was a boy's name.  It used to be a boys name long ago...

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