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Insatiable Appetite while Pregnant?

Okay, so for any of you who missed my post the other day...I'm 8 weeks preggers!

So, my question any of you who are pregnant (or remember when you were pregnant) have an insatiable appetite?  I seriously can NOT stop eating!  OMG!  It's awful.  I have been eating like a a freakin''s awful.  I am hungry all the time.  For a couple of weeks, I ate to ward of nausea because I was nauseous from morning till night and eating is the only thing would make it go away.  Now, the nausea just comes and goes, but I am still hungry ALL the time.  This really concerns me because I always gain way too much during my pregnancies (40 with Haley, 50 with Caleb) so I'm paranoid that I'll gain 60 this time. 

Please tell me this tapers off after the 1st trimester.  I just can't remember feeling THIS hungry with my other pregnancies.  Obviously, I ate too much then too, but this is ridiculous!  Within an hour of eating, I'm ready for another meal!

Re: Insatiable Appetite while Pregnant?

  • I was the SAME way! At about 8 weeks, I could eat and my stomach would never even stop growling. I've noticed it has calmed down a lot in the last couple of weeks. :) There is an end in sight!
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  • I haven't been on in a couple of days so first of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! And yes, I had a crazy appetite. Most days I ate 2 lunches and 2 dinners. In my second trimester I am not as hungry but occassionaly I do eat the second lunch or dinner. Embarrassed
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  • I never had that but make sure when you're eating you eat some protein with whatever it is.  And have small meals - cheese & crackers, yogurt, Apple w/ peanut butter, etc - the protein will help keep you satisfied for longer. 



  • Yep, my husband made so much fun of me during the first trimester because I ate more than him Embarrassed.  We'd have dinner and I'd have the same size portions as him then a few hours later I'd eat a bowl of cereal before bed.  It was awful.  Mine did seem to subside by about week 14, though.  Since I knew I was eating so much I tried to eat as healthy as possible, I think that's the only way to curb the weight gain...
  • The first trimester all I did was throw up so regardless of how hungry I was or how much I ate, it all came up.  Now that the m/s is better I stay hungry but I have to eat of I will get sick.  I sometimes eat 2 lunches (the first usually @ 10:30 & the second 2 hours later).  For the past week my stomach will start growling when I go to bed.  I can't eat that late because of my heartburn.  When I went to the doctor last week I had only gained 7 pounds but I'm afraid that number will be in the double digits when I go in 2 weeks.  
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  • yep. and it got better for me toward the end of the 2nd tri.
  • imagetippykins:
    yep. and it got better for me toward the end of the 2nd tri.

    This!  And, try not to stress too much about the weight gain - you are a beautiful lady = )

  • I was more hungry towards the end. I still gained 50 lbs but I didn't exercise at all. Next time around I am for sure going to exercise. If you even just walk you  should be fine with the weight

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  • Thanks ladies.  I guess it just helps me to know that I'm not alone in this.  I have a couple of pregnant friends who, no kidding, were thrilled when they finally gained a few pounds because they hadn't gained any during their pregnancies in the beginning.  I guess I'm just paranoid or self conscience about it or something b/c none of my pregnant friends seem to have the crazy hunger like I do...or the weight gain like I do when pregnant.  Agh!  I'm jealous of that!
  • Congrats! I didn't eat a ton in the beginning but did end up gaining 60+ lbs overall so I feel your pain. I'm sure you'll be fine though.

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