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Pre Natals

Anyone like Nature Made prenatal vitamins?  I bought them & they don't agree with my stomach.  I have 2 bottles of 250 pills.  Well, one is unopened and one has about 2 weeks worth gone.  If sombody wants them, I can mail them to you....  (It was a buy one get one free sale at Walgreens)  I hate to just pitch them....  Oh yeah, free to you of course.
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Re: Pre Natals

  • I  am on pre-natal plus.  Prescription from Target.  Have not had any nausea problems, but I do try to take them right after eating.  I have heard that can help.  On the plus side, my hair has never been longer and thicker:)
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  • I use the prenatals from Costco (not sure of the brand) and I've never had issues. I take them at night before bed.
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  • I am taking Walgreens brand and they don't bother me.

    I just figured if someone else could use these, I'd gladly give them away instead of throwing them away....

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