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Me too...BFP! (kind of long)

I've posted a few times here and there on this board. I'm 35 and DH is 37. One post was a poll about sharing results and you said you want got a BFP on Saturday! I haven't updated my ticker. This was our 2nd cycle trying, same as when we conceived DD. I know how lucky we've been so far and now am hoping and praying that we have a "sticky" and healthy baby. I'm going to be really nervous, especially for the next few weeks. I don't see the doctor until April 20. No betas or anything unless I have spotting.

Our "Strategy"--I didn't chart. DD was sick & teething, my thermometer was broken and I couldn't get to the store, then we were on vacation, and then she had pneumonia. Between the interrupted sleep and delay in getting a working thermometer we never got it together, so I don't know when I ovulated. We had sex every other day from about CD 9 or so to CD 26 or so. With DD I didn't ovulate until CD 27 (I was charting) so we figured we'd better cover all the bases.

Symptoms: At least for me, I don't think there's any way to really "know" early. Last month, I felt more "off" than this month and it was just PMS. This month, I was supposed to get my period Thursday, but it's often a little off. Took a test on a whim Tuesday night and it was negative. I felt totally like I was going to get my period. Mildly crampy for days. I really expected AF at any moment. Nothing had happened by end of day Friday and I started to wonder....but that night I wiped and had pink..told DH I got my period and thought I did. Next day a little more and then nothing. We were out of town and it was driving me CRAZY not knowing if I was pregnant or having a slow start to AF. Picked up some tests at Wal-Mart and got a BFP! Another one Sunday a.m. with FMU. 

The only thing I can say has been an early symptom for me both times is feeling VERY irritable--abnormally irritable even for the days just before AF. And, a few hot flash type things. And, LESS sore BBs than usual.

GOOD LUCK to everyone who is trying. I wish you the best and hope you all get your BFPs soon.


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Re: Me too...BFP! (kind of long)

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