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Should I get a Beco?

I have a Babyhawk, a Pikkolo, a woven, a Moby and a ring sling.  DH has an Ergo.  I always use the Babyhawk when we're out of the house and the woven at home.  I never use my Pikkolo anymore and DD has grown out of the Moby and I could never get comfortable with the ring sling. 

DD is 4 months so we're approaching the time for backcarries and I'm not sure I'm comfortable doing a backcarry in the Babyhawk.  I like the idea of the harness in the Beco. It makes backcarries sound less scary to me.  

But maybe I should try the Pikkolo for backcarries?  

How easy are backcarries in the Beco?  In particular is it easy for backcarries when I'd be taking her out of the car in the parking lot?  


Re: Should I get a Beco?

  • The answer is yes, you NEED another carrier!!! Wink

    Maybe try your Pikkolo & BH for back carries, & if you don't like them, sell them for the Beco? I loved my BH, but DH used it more than me (I use my woven & ring sling more) & he could not do a back carry in it. Plus once Ari hit about 18 pounds it wasn't as comfy. I sold it to a fellow AP bumpie & got the Beco. We love it & back carries are a breeze! You can put them in the carrier & then just slide it on like a back pack, or put them on in front & then slide them to your back. 

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  • I have a Beco and I hate it.  My husband hates it MORE than I do.  I find it to be counter-intuitive and my back hurts pretty quickly after carrying him on my back.  (The baby, not the hubs, LOL).  I like it for a front-carry but I wish we had the option to face out instead of just in.  But what do I know - I can't find a single baby carrier that I like.  I've had 3.  UGH.
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  • If you are looking for something just for a back carry, you can try a kokopax.  It's soooo easy to put on in the parkinglot, very high (so the baby can see over your shoulder) and great for larger babies.    Your baby may still be a little young for it but its such a fun carrier, IMO.
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  • the beco is so easy for back carries because you can strap them in, then toss them on your back like a backpack.  any other carrier is going to need to be put on first and then the baby, then you'll have to pull the carrier up around the baby.  my husband and I both love our beco and still use it often, even at 18 months.
  • I have not used my Beco yet for a back carry, but I must say that I LOVE my Beco. It has been a life saver for me because my baby loves to be held all the time. I would have paid double for it.
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