Lurker with a question for FP's

Hi there. I usually just lurk but was hoping the foster parents here could answer a question or two for me.

Have any of you ever had to testify at a contested hearing? What was it like?

I have to testify tomorrow and I am a nervous wreck. Any stories of survival would be appreciated.

Thanks! :-)

Re: Lurker with a question for FP's

  • never had to testify, but wish you luck! Just stick to the facts :)
  • I'm not a FP, but I work as an attorney in juvenile court abuse and neglect cases.  Just give honest answers and there is nothing to worry about.  Don't try to read in to the attorneys questions and try to figure out what they are looking for.  This leads to really bad testimony.  Just give straightforward answers to the questions.

    Good luck! 

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  • Thanks ladies! I will do my best :-)
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