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If you're still having trouble finding maternity clothes...

XP from the August 2010 Mamas board:

If you're like me, you've been having some trouble finding some decent (re: not ugly) maternity clothes for a reasonable price. It's been hard because every place I seem to go either doesn't have much of a selection or is way too expensive for me (or doesn't carry anything plus size-enough for my boobs).

I found a solution.

Burlington Coat Factory.

I went there this weekend and made out like a banshee. They had a huge selection and I got 9 tops and 9 bottoms for $150. Granted, none of the tops I got were actual maternity tops because even though they had a big selection, they weren't quite big enough for my boobs. However, the tops I did buy came out of their plus size section and might as well be maternity with the way they're styled/cut. I got a few jeans (including maternity skinny jeans!), some capris, and some shorts to prepare for the warmer months ahead.

So if you're still having trouble, I highly recommend finding one near you. (Although, I have heard the selection size varies with the store so be prepared for that.)

Good luck!  

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Re: If you're still having trouble finding maternity clothes...

  • Thanks for sharing.

    I stocked up at Motherhood a few weeks ago and I'm hoping those selections will last me into skirt/gaucho weather so I don't need to buy more maternity pants! 

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  • **butting in**


    I also recommend Maxi Dresses from Old Navy ... even though they're not Maternity, they still fit! And are super comfy and can still be used afterwards

  • Mother hood always has really good clearance items that fit very well.  I was able to buy shirts that fit really well & looked cute on for $12 - $19 a pc.

     I also found cute jogging suits for $14 per pc, & skinny jeans for only $40 I bought 2 pears of Heidi Klums skinny jeans from mother hood and I swear I wear them like 4 times a week. 

     I was looking at old Navy's maxi dresses and planned on getting some cute cheap dresses from Discovery as well once it's really hot outside.

     If you have a special event to go to I recommend www.belleup.com they're located in Beverly 3440 W. 111th Street in chicago they're not cheap, but they have really nice dresses and suits that can also be worn postpartum.



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  • Good to know!  Also, there is a new resale store called Clothes Mentor, where I've actually gotten some really great deals!  Just about 1/4 of their store is maternity so there is a nice selection and all of the clothes are in nice shape and pretty cute too - some never even worn with tags still on!  I love it. 

    I don't mind spending money on nice clothes but I can't stand the idea of spending a fortune on clothes that I know will only last me 9 months, you know?  Let's face it, some of these maternity shops are pricey! 

    This is the site - http://clothesmentor.com/Home.html

    I've only been to the one in Glendale Heights of Army Trail Rd. but they have locations in Schaumburg, Naperville and Orland Park too.  The one in Glendale Hts. was very organized and clean.  Hope that helps too! 

    Happy shopping... ;)


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