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I need a hug

X has been posting a countdown on facebook for how many days left until he moves out. he's also posting all kinds of things about how he can't wait to move, prompting people to text me and ask what's going on. i stayed mum because i have members of his family on my fb and i didn't want to embarrass him. apparently i don't merit the same concern.

he's been chewing me out for everything, snapping at me, etc.his cat broke one of my antique teacups and he didn't bother to tell me because he didn't know they were mine. um, there are only two of us living here. if it's not yours, it's mine. because he's showing me that he isn't really forthcoming, i've started sorting through stuff in the house to keep an eye on what he's trying to pack to go with him. that wasn't good enough either, so now i'm getting chewed out no matter what i do.

 on top of everything else, i had to bring my cat to the vet (emergency after hours fees are going to take a lot out of my already stretched budget) because he's having trouble walking and hasn't eaten or drunk any water since thursday, which wasn't as scary yesterday as it was today. my little guy looked so scared. i can't imagine how much harder it's going to be with Isaiah if it was that hard with my kitty. and in the meantime, a stray that X and i used to feed had disappeared (because my landlords ran him and the other two off because they are just big pooheads) and showed up last night looking like he was on the cusp of death or like he'd been kicked in the face. by the light of day he looked a little better, but X, who at one point insisted we couldn't move out of this apartment because we couldn't leave them behind, is now going out of his way to not worry about the cat or do anything to help him. so he leaves me, the pregnant vulnerable one, to be exposed to whatever germs and infections and diseases that cat is carrying.

 and i've already lost two days of work, and then the emergency vet bills, and i have rent coming due and i'm behind on some of my bills anyway because i've been struggling. and monday is my big appointment with the high-risk ob (i didn't get a "big u/s" appt :() to find out if the baby has the same heart defect X did, and since he hasn't asked about the baby in almost six weeks i didn't tell him. so there's added stress and disappointment there :/

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    Oh girl. ): Clearly your X is going out of his way to be inconsiderate! That's insane! I'm so sorry you're going through this. I hope your cat is okay. And please let us know about the ultrasound regarding LOs heart. This is all too much for only little lady to go through. I hope you get a chance to relax somehow.
  • *hugs* he's so bad for you to be around...I can't wait for him to move out either
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