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Easter Egg Hunt Today! *Updated*

I'm soo excited to be taking DS1 on his first easter egg hunt today. I did my own at home just for him last year and he really didn't quite understand it. So this year he's 3 1/2 and understands the concept of finding eggs that are filled with candy lol. He's excited because I only give him candy on holidays. He is crazy on sugar! I will post pictures tonight if you ladies want to see them!


I hate to sound like an ungrateful person, but the easter egg hunt sucked lol. They tried to play games, but obviously didn't know what was age appropriate. They seperated the children into groups and rotated the groups into different parts of the church. First was singing and "dancing", then games, then the egg hunt.  The egg hunt consisted of someone filling a big plastic bin full of plastic eggs that contained ONE piece of candy a piece and throwing the eggs into a field which caused 75% of the eggs to split open and spill the candy out and the eggs were in clusters among the field so the chances of an early nap time was gone lol. DS1 was happy he got candy. Next year I will be doing my own egg hunt lol.

 Here's a picture I took of DS1 after he got some eggs:


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    Have fun!!
  • Aww. Have fun. :)
  • Your boys look SO much alike! Too cute!
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