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Update on Ben

okay it has been a long couple days. Ben had Emergency surgery on wednesday night, as he had a bowel obstruction. Th surgeon had to remove the gtube that was placed on monday, his stomach and follow the intestines because he could not find the block.  Turns out his intestine had adhered itself to his diaphragm.

Right now we believe this could be a major part of Ben's eating difficulties as the surgeon said it would cause quite a bit of vomiting and digestive issues. This would have happened anyway it was just lucky and probably the stress on his body from mondays surgery that it happened now.

The gtube is back in, and he is still in picu and will be for at least a few days. He is still NPO and miserable. He is having a hard time with the pain, but doing a great job staying still.

RIght now his intestines still arent working, because of the surgery so his gtube is draining all of the bile out of his stomach. He has a central line, but the catheter was leaking so that came out, and the NG tube he pulled out last night (it was also draining from the stomach).

He is having an xray every day to check everything, and we just wait and let him heal and pray that he is on the mend.

Thank you again for all the thoughts and prayers.

Katherine Proud Mommy and Foster Mommy

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