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Ever feel like PT isnt working?

I'm in a pity mood...it'll pass. My DD has been in EI PT for 6 months and is starting private next week. I feel like no matter what I do...I can do exercises all day, she just wont move. The neurologist has ruled out anything major,,,just weak muscles and lack of motivation. I'm just at my wits end. My 17 month old wont roll, crawl or walk..she just sits all day. Do u ever just feel like throwing in the towel? I'm ready to...thanks!

Re: Ever feel like PT isnt working?

  • My girls are not as old as yours yet but Ava is getting PT for low muscle tone and I swear that it doesnt work.  She loathes tummy time so we are lucky if she will stay on her tummy for 5 min.  So as of now, she is nowhere near crawling and she has only rolled back to belly maybe twice.  So I will join your pity party for a little. 
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  • I think I can relate. Never wanted to throw in a towel, more like hang myself on one out of desperation.....

    Would it make sense to see a different neurologist? Also, try the private PT next week, because what EI is offering to us does not work either (we are getting 'behavioral services'). Sometimes it is the therapist, sometimes it is the therapy that are not what your LO needs.

    I would also discuss the progress (or lack thereof) with your PT provider.

    Most importantly, do not despair!!!!! Good luck.

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  • I also feel the same way. We have only been in PT for 7 weeks so not too long to see drastic improvements, but she has made some. My DD loves to just stay in one place whether it be sitting or on tummy. I do excercises all the time and DD still just happy with laying in one spot. DD is 13 months and hoping soon she will get motivated and start moving, crawling... just something!!!!
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