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I remember you from the Knot!  I am so glad to see you post over here.  Does AngelGirlEms ever post? 

Good to see you and congratulations on your little girl.

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Jack Emmett born on 2/2/10 after 17 cycles and a miscarriage
Calvin Wyatt born on 1/10/12. Our surprise baby!

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  • I remember you too! Always fun to see familiar names after the years apart. Smile
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  • Ah you girls are both so nice, and have adorable babies yourselves! Unfortunately I don't come here often, but am obviously trying to change that! The Knot! DH and I are actually celebrating our 5 year anniversary in July, which means I would have been on The Knot 6 years ago! My little one is 2 1/2 years old and our miracle Clomid baby! She's awesome! Angelgirlems...aka Emily, got married a year after me and moved to NJ, now NY, with her husband. She has a little one that just turned a year, Abagail. Hooray for the old schoolers :)
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