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Which would you recommend? OB vs midwife

Hey all...I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I'm pregnant. My gyn is just that...he doesn't do deliveries any longer. My previous OB from when I had my daughter, 17+ years ago, is officially retiring 5/1/10 and also doesn't deliver any longer. I've had several people tell me with my penchant for being social I might prefer a midwife. I don't know what I want at this point. I would like to stick to someone within the Medical Center area, as that is close for me and I like the hospitals in that area. Any recommendations for either one? OB or midwife? Thanks!

Re: Which would you recommend? OB vs midwife

  • If the medical center, then i was highly recommended dr. de la garza! i didnt choose her b/c i want to deliver in stone oak.

    i would choose OB vs. midwife!!

  • I would recommend OB over midwife. I am not too familiar with the different areas of town, but we are going with Dr. Joseph A. Garza from NE OB/GYN, he's great!
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  • I would ask your doctor's office if they have an OB that they could recommend as well.

    If you're thinking OB vs. midwife, I would first do research on what a midwife can offer over an OB and vice versa. I think the type of birthing experience you want is the biggest deciding factor in what you choose. Then I would interview OBs and midwifes and see who you're most comfortable with.

    If you go with a midwife, I would recommend using someone who is affiliated with an OB practice. That way if you have any complications, either while pregnant or during delivery, that require an OB, the transition might be a bit easier. 

  • I know that St Lukes has midwives and a birthing center at the hospital.  I'm not sure about which practice, though
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  • I absolutely adore my OB/ GYN, Dr. Jennifer Jacobs with Lonestar Ob/Gyn.   She has such a calm wonderful personality and when I walk into her office her staff automatically knows who I am.  She delivers at both St. Lukes and Methodist Hospitals

     She's very laid back and I feel she doesn't push a lot of invasive testing.   For example she doesn't do routine cervical checks late in the pregnancy unless you request it.   She has told me from the beginning that first timers often go late and we won't even start talking induction until my 41st week appointment.   When I took in my birth plan to discuss with her she looked it over and really discussed it with me.  An example, is I would like intermittent fetal monitoring, she told me she was okay with this as long as the baby's heartbeat wasn't deccelerating too much, if it was then we would move to continous monitoring.  Obviously, I really like her alot.

    If you're interested in a midwife my friend is using the Lonestar midwives and is very happy with them.   There is also a birthing center in the Medical Center that I've heard really good things about, I believe their midwives will do home births, if that is something you're interested in.  The only issue with the birthing center is I've heard a lot of insurance companies won't cover the cost so most people end up paying out of pocket.

    Sorry this is so long but aside from medical professsionals, I just wanted to add that destination maternity at 10 and Wuzbach offers free prenatal yoga classes.   I really enjoy it and feel like it's one of the best things I've done this pregnancy.

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