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Babies R Us - best one to register at?

If you registered at BRU - and most importantly, enjoyed it - which one did you go to? 

I just went into the Toys R Us at Roscoe and Western today just to get registry info and it was an act of God just to get that.  The place is under construction and will be adding (? turning into?) a BRU by the end of June I was told.  So if you live in the city and are due after June, you will have that goin' for ya.

I'm still debating BRU vs. Buy Buy Baby. 

Re: Babies R Us - best one to register at?

  • Maybe it's a city thing then because I've never seen what the BFD is about BRU and why so many people hate it so much. I live in the city but have never been to a BRU in the city (didn't even know there were any in the city), but have been to the one in Schaumburg which is just fine. I've also been to the BBB in Schaumburg and found that to be even nicer. But I didn't register at Buy Buy Baby, nor do I regret it, because more than not I found people go to BRU or Target for gifts. At least in my trashy circle.
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  • I registered at BRU in Orland Park and it was great,the staff was nice and I've had a good experience so far.
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  • I used the bru in schaumburg. It was nice. I like bbb better because of the selection. It is more expensive though. Targets selection sucks for the big baby items and they have a very strict return policy.
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  • The only problem with Buy Buy Baby is there are only a few locations and not many people are going to drive super far to get a gift.  BRU is not all that great but now that they have to compete with BBB they are steping up there game and becoming nicer.
  • Thanks, guys :)

    I appreciate the feedback!  And superaunt, do we run in the same "trashy" circles?  I have a feeling that many of my family would say, "Buy Buy What?"  But I thought I should still explore the option, if nothing else for the "online" folks.

  • I registered at both BRU and BBB and really enjoyed BBB more.  They are more friendlly and seem to be more knowledgeable.
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