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NorthEast Baptist Hospital and OB recs.

I am making a final decision about delivering in San Antonio.  Did anyone deliver at Northeast Baptist?  If so, was it a good experience?  I am just wondering about the nursing staff, facilities... 

Also, I am trying to decide on an OB at Northeast OB/Gyn.  Any of the locations will work for me. Dr. Murdock is not taking new pregnant patients.  As you can see I am 30 weeks. Dr. Chavana came recommended to me.  I have had an easy pregnancy, but want to make sure that my delivery goes smoothly in the case I need a C-section. 

And advice would be helpful!  Thank you!

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Re: NorthEast Baptist Hospital and OB recs.

  • Well I see Dr. Garza at Northeast OB/GYN and LOVE him. This is our first and he has made me very comfortable and has answered all of my questions and concerns. Im delivering at Northeast Baptist as well and love the facility and nurses there. My sister had an emergency c-section 2 months before her edd and they were very helpful. My neice was in the Nicu for a month and everyone was so kind.


    Good Luck! 

  • I see Farhart at NEOBGYN- I love him.

    And NE Baptist is great!! I didn't want to leave :)

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  • I see Dr. Garza for regular annual checkups and I LOVE him too.
  • Dr. Elizabeth King was great during my pregnancy. I would highly recommend her. I had a great/easy experience at NCBaptist after I was finally admitted.


    Prior to being admitted this nurse insisted that my water hadn't broke because her test didn't turn blue, I was so upset because I knew it had... I was 4 days past due and felt a huge gush...I'm not an idiot.

    She told me to walk around and come back in an hour. I spent the next hour very upset/emotional/crying ... but when I went back her test magically turned blue and I was admitted. She apologized and from that point on my experience was fabulous.

  • I see Dr. Sadler at NEOBGYN he is great and is the medical director of the practice. I don't know if he takes new patients. I had major fertility issues and had 2 surgeries with him so I am not sure. All of the Drs we have seen there have been wonderful.
  • I 2nd Dr. Sadler & I delivered @ NE Baptist. I had an emergency C-sect and he was wonderful. They took great care of my baby and myself. I was also on hospital bedrest for a while...the nurses were great. GL!!!
  • I see Dr, Chavana and LOVE her!

    That being said, it seems like you can't go wrong with any of the OB/Gyns at NE OB/Gyns

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