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Slipcover for Glider?

So we luckily found a Dutalier Glider for Olivia's room that a friend was selling cheap because she's moving. It's white, which is perfect, but the cushions are light denim (not perfect). I can't sew at all.

Does anyone know of a place/person that could sew slipcovers for cheap? I was thinking I could buy some of fabric and then hopefully find someone that can sew well. 

Re: Slipcover for Glider?

  • I don't know anyone, but I would just call up some specialty fabric shops and ask them if they can recommend anyone.


    Oooo....OR....maybe some of the play houses in town like San Pedro Playhouse or Cameo Theater could recommend someone who does set design stuff for them? It seems like such an easy project that it shouldn't take them very long to do it. I wish I could sew and help you out! 

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